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im back

hey hey all
i know it being a while but thats life
and thats goes it goes at time
but im back now
so whats being happening ::
ok for starters i deleted a heap of crap from my life
some YID and shit thats comes along with that
does that mean i dont use yahoo anymore
well for email : no / for chat: something

ok besides that
what else have being kicking alone

a lot of work on some Nlite addons
arrr a lot ;)
learning to use a setup script program to make installers
i made a installer for Atuner to be used in Nlite addon : why : i well the file that you coulded unziped to the folder it was in so it wast that good
so i make a installer for it and a shortcuts in the start menu :)

i made a firefox addon installer : for clean / just installed firefox
about 107 addons (108 really two i know of are diff vers)
and a mIRC chat installer : well they got there own
but this one is for me .. i got it setup right for my liking with the script and all the commonds i know , so to make life easy for me i just made a installer :) so thats a good one

: i got to make one for a friend of mine but thats about it 20 min job i say ;) lol

arrr what else
trying to learn how to install OpenBSD
well i know howto install the openBSD
thats the easy part the hard part im finding without a howto video
is getting the DAM DHCP server up and working
i had a shot at it the other night
arrr started at like 7 pm ish didt finish to like 5 am
had it once giving out IP's but i f**ked it up so i did a clean install and well it didt work again
but thts life
waiting for a friend to get back so that he can help me do it next time a tab better :) so that will be good

so i went back to my normal firewall OS ipcop with some nice mod job done to it
like my Host file / settings for my network use
im thinking of making a modded of that copy and makeing it for all to use
the standed Ipcop firewall is free to download but all i did is just add a heap of mods i use and got it to change the swap size to give the OS more Vmem to run on ;)
its about 80 mb
about 38 mb bigger than IPcop itself normal

its a tab WTF when you gotta install it again when you have not done that for a while


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