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Nlite Addon : ID3-TagIT

In general:

ID3-TagIT is a programm for editing, adding, or deleting ID3 TAGs in MP3 files. Single file and batch editing are both supported. Edit one, ten or all your MP3 files at once!

ID3-TagIT has many functions to help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible. ID3-TagIT is - in contrast to many other editors - able to read information from the directory structure and put it into the TAG, organize files into folders, handle several comments and genres in the ID3V2 TAG, and every function is available for ID3v1 and ID3v2. For detailed information go to the features descriptions.

You will also find a FreeDB Connection, some analyse functions, libaries for your genres and artist and some transfer and copy functions for the TAGs. Compressed and Unicode encoded ID3V2 TAGs are supported to version 2.4 (TAGs of version 2.2 can only be removed).

filesize : 1.3 mb there abouts


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