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tribute to steve irwin

i guess us australia didn't know how big steve really was outside of australia
but i guess thats nothing new from australian's not to know how big someone is
to its too late.
for someone that did what he loved to do to get front pages storys and full pages about him and get heap of air time over his death shows the world and australian's that he will be missed by all around

i guess there is some ways to go out in life
going out doing what you loved doing is one of the best ways to go

News clipping on monday @ 6 pm ( ch 7 news)
time : 3:19

7:30 Report from ABC tv (www.abc.net.au)
time : 6:55

CH 7 A tribute to Steve Irwin ( p1 of 3)
time : 8:57

CH 7 A tribute to Steve Irwin ( p2 of 3)
time : 10:31

CH 7 A tribute to Steve Irwin ( p3 of 3)
time :

** all of the videos at the top are encode / upload by ZcWorld **
here are some other ones i found on youtube

all are " Steve Irwin Tribute "

upload by : Schumifanatic
time : 1:12

upload by : princessofdarkness65
time : 4:50

upload by : thesacrement
time : 3:38

upload by : markharper87
time : 4:04

upload by : shorty671989
time : 3:30


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