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chat room : users that play music vi MIC


dont you have it when u have people that play music via the mic

ok i not saying that should not play music
but fuck me ... over
you sending the audio out of the pc than back in to the pc
you also pick up a lot of background sound
like typing and anything else that may happening there at the time

hell ... last thing int he world you want is everyone to hear whats happen
than again
maybe you do
but hell heres a free tip

what you need
a program to play your music
winamp / WMP ( well no shit you would got them insalled if you play music in chat rooms ... well unless you do it via cd player than )
Sound Recoard ( comes with windows : start -> programs ->Accessories -> Entertainment)
and volume control ( same spot )

step 1
open the volume control
in one goto "options" -> "properties " than click " recording
in the list " show the following volumes controls : there should or may be mono out or wave out mix .. or stereo mix .. or all of them
pick them

step 2

click on select " on the mono / wave / or stereo mix out option

step 3 .
open sound record

step 4
play a song in winamp or WMP
than go over to sound record and click on record
you will work out if the audio is too high on the
mono / wave / stero mix out
play with the setting to you get the audio right
on the wave out
its very low

than when you want to play music into the chat room you can
just click on the wave / mono or stereo out and play
than click on mic to go back to your mic if you want to talk in the room

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