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mkVhost make for OpenSuse linux 10.2

hey all
i just finished editing an copy of Craz1 Vhost maker for the OpenSuse like
i only tested it on ver 10.2
coz thats what i got installed on my PC ATM
but this is still ONLY!! a BETA copy
im waiting to get yell at for any fuck up in the coding mods i done :) but its all good

heres a link to download the file Download its about 58 KB
and this is only for Opensuse and maybe for the normal Suse linux as well i dont know i have not tested it on that ver of the OS
... so i cant tell

i will be posting soon what i think of the opensuse linux OS itself
and its good so far :)

a copy of the mod info file
REMEMBER : this is still a BETA ver of the script

this ver has being modded by ZcWorld for the OpenSuse Linux
i only working on ver 10.2 of Opensuse so i take it works on
other vers of OpenSuse and Suse Linux

Changed Files

... thats it i think ....
im sure i will be told if im wrong

what i changed

the path where the files are put to
for the Vhost .conf files
path where the Vhost sites are put to

Vhost sites goto : /srv/www.vhost/

updated info on the index.php file
2 lines at the bottom of the page
the title of the page has being changed / updated

the user / group for apache info : update
localhost users can see where the files are on the server hard drive
update from 192.168.* and 10.0.0.*

the apache reload has being changed to apache restart
the RewriteEngine : has being disabled :
-> the rule is still

thats it i think
* mod done and tested by ZcWorld on the 12&13 -1 - 2007 ( 12 & 13 of jan 2007 )
* this file being writen on the 13 - 1 - 2007
* release BETA ver being email to master coder craz1 : at 11 am on 13 / jan
* BETA ver post on blog same time / date

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