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Ipcop :: a zcWorld mod release ver

Hi all

I was thinking about releaseing the ver of IPCop i use to the publice and you know what .. im going to do it

but before i can do that i gotta take out some KEY info i got in mine
like my Hosts list , my IDS ID , and some other info that is no good to anyone else lol
and maybe edit the installer script as well
i dont think every man and his dog wants everything to be installed

but i cant be ..... in eiditing the scirpt
why ? :: im totaly new to scirpting and i didt wrost most of it
so i cant do anything to the person how did gets back
and the last thing i think he wants is to do is that :)

i will post a link to download and whats addons in has
and whats one you can say yes or not to and whats ones are DEF installed


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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13/8/06 3:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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18/8/06 7:10 AM  

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