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Nlite Addon : Azureus v, p2p

1. What's new in Azureus

1.1 Faster Crash Recovery
By default Azureus will now only check parts of the file that were being actively downloaded the last time resume data was saved. The old behaviour of rechecking the whole file can be re-enabled via 'Files' configuration.

1.2 Bug fixes and performance improvements
Notable fixes:

* Occassionally encrypted connections would send invalid data
* Startup error 'no class found' fixed.
* Data transfer to slow peers improved.

Note: New Windows launcher might require allowing "Azureus.exe" Internet access in your software firewall.

changed log

New Features:

* Core | Make default recheck behaviour after crash only check pieces active at last save point plus config to revert to old behaviour of checking everything
* Core | Attempt to repair invalid port #s returned from trackers potentially improving outgoing connection success rate
* UI | Allow some selection of split data/protocol stats in some views


* Core | Improved payload data vs. protocol overhead byte accounting
* Core | Remove option to truncate files when setting to do-not-download as too many users confused by this
* Core | Pick up alerts raised during closedown and give user chance to see them
* Core | Improved optimistic disconnect algorithm in several ways - should speed up single seed torrents
* Core | Only remove temp files created by Azureus in the "tmp" dir as some users placing files in there
* Core | Resumed downloads now placed into queued state rather than started
* Core | Improved magnet download potential
* Plug | Added vendor id to DHT packets and increased version appropriately
* Plug | Warn if UPnP port removal is slow as this can hang AZ closedown
* UI | Add NAT Test item to OSX "Azureus" menu
* UI | Filter-as-you-type is now more visible
* UI | "Show In Explorer" on a Folder now opens to show what's in the folder
* UI | Mr. Slidey formats URLs to clickable links
* UI | Language Selection on first visible screen after initial installation
* UI | Reduced the # of windows popping up at once on first run after installation

Corrected bugs:

* Core | Ensure SO_REUSEADDR is set when binding during NAT test
* Core | Retain data from terribly slow senders
* Core | Fixed a case of potentially becoming uninterested in peers incorrectly
* Core | Prevent infinite recursion and breakage of some file systems when moving torrent's data into a folder inside itself
* Core | Improve fingerprint performance of shares
* Core | Prevent reporting of double completion events to tracker under some circumstances
* Core | Ensure DNS timeouts are set as early as possible as they weren't working
* Core | Change per-torrent max peers so that values shown correctly in UI and also allow unlimited override
* Core | Fix bug in crypto stream that could lead to corruption
* Core | Strip unwanted attributes from imported torrents such as "file name"
* Core | Ignore invalid Vivaldi coords that are too small
* Core | Default to trivial url in torrent if it is missing
* Core | Fix initialisation sequence problem that was causing startup errors if config corrupt
* Core | Apply correct permissions when updated to Windows prog dir to fix multi-user problems on update
* Core | Downloads stopped during seeding recheck sometimes came back as 99.x% complete
* Core | Fix up timers on clock change to ensure announce and scrape work ok (amongst others)
* Plug | Column dispose listener wasn't being called when there was no cell dispose listener
* UI | Fixed window size/position not always being saved
* UI | Fix default language: Use same language from diff. country when user's lang/country doesn't exist
* UI | Fixed new table rows getting last graphic cell's image
* UI | Column sort is now case-insensitive (again) for text columns
* UI | Fix number display Seeds2Peer column (when radio is really small)
* UI | Fixed Drag and Drop. Should work in Windows and Linux.
* UI | Mr. Slidey no longer slides from (on slide-in) or onto (on slide-out) a different monitor

plug in list
homepage : http://azureus.sourceforge.net/
download : http://files.filefront.com/Azureuscab/;513...;/fileinfo.html
filesize : 7.74 MB (8,123,024 bytes)
MD5 : 5A7979408E4A3CE3F9B7555144AD3FB3
CRC32 : B6BBB819
Format : CAB

homepage : AZ plug in homepage V1
download : http://files.filefront.com/Azureus___plugi...;/fileinfo.html
filesize : 3.42 MB (3,596,143 bytes)
MD5 : 67035C490A11B824AC48229F0EC3DDC0
CRC32 : E2FB793A
Format : rar - unzip and add the ENTRIES_AZP.ini to the Nlite addon page


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