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Nlite Addon : Democracy player

Democracy Player. Your internet television has arrived.

"As easy as turning on a TV"
Cory Doctorow, boingboing.net

Download and watch all the best internet TV shows and videos in one powerful application. New channels arrive daily in the built-in Channel Guide. Stop squinting at tedious web videos: sit back and watch big, high resolution videos.

Features: Democracy Player is a new kind of browser for watching videos-- grab webpages with video and video RSS feeds (including podcasts, video blogs, and BitTorrent feeds), and watch them full screen, one after the other. It's free and open source.

What can I do with Democracy?

As we improve and expand Democracy Player, we hope it will become your homebase for video and to bring you a new, effortless way to watch internet television. We're just getting started, but already you can do a lot:

Subscribe to Channels
Democracy Player is a TV on your desktop-- it's the best application for watching internet TV channels. When you launch Democracy, you'll see the built-in Channel Guide which features hundreds of free channels that you can subscribe to with a single click. You can subscribe to podcasts, videoblogs, and Bittorrent RSS feeds.

Watch Fullscreen
Watch your videos in fullscreen mode. Lean back from your screen and relax-- videos will play one after another.

Search for Videos
If you're looking for a specific video or videos on a specific topic, the built-in Search tab will let you find videos from Yahoo! Video Search or Blogdigger. (Coming soon you'll be able to subscribe to a search and get new videos automatically.)

Get Smart About Disk Space
Videos take up a lot of disk space. You want to keep the best ones and clear out the rest. Democracy makes this easy. It works like a TiVo: after you watch a video, it will automatically 'expire' in 5 days, unless you click 'save'. You can set different channels to expire at different speeds-- clear out your daily news videos right away and keep videos from your favorite band forever!

homepage : http://www.getdemocracy.com
download : http://files.filefront.com/Democracycab/;5...;/fileinfo.html
filesize : 12.3 MB
MD5 :0BAE38F9325E1CC1AE84A523E62DE175
CRC 32 :B2419C2F


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