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fun n games on Opensuse 10.2

i went to change the bootscreen / spalsh logo
and totaly and fucked up the system
it was a dog to restart the OS
luckly for me i had a copy of the old bootsplash image folder
so i could copy / move back over to the one i fucked up
now i did that its working well again
but hell .. :( its suxs that i cant change the bootimage yet
but im sure i will work it out sooner or later
and keep on google for tips from other OpenSuse users out there
on how to do this

i still like how its goes
its nice and slick .. and thats unreal
now i gotta see how its handles a PWS workload i will put on it
Apache /Php /Mysql
i got about 8 Vhost sites i run inside my network
one of them is a Database : for movies : tv : and IPTV / audio : shows
the movie one is a killer of a workload due to the amount of info per item its displays
over the other 2 DB

and im going to get hated for his
im went back to windows : OMFG! :

ok .. i only installed the opensuse on a real box to test it out to see what
hardware of mine it pick up / support
and it did a good job
pick up the two old tv tuner card , my printer ,
without a problem ... and the compro videomate remote control but it didn't like
the card to well
it only pick up the angolog side of things :( thats suxs ass

ok why im back on windows :
i got like 300 gb of data on my windows hdd i want off first
and i need it to do some testing n other jump first
maybe ... just maybe i found my new OS i like :)


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