Uptime :: Server


openSuse ver 10.2

system : 
CORE / HOST system
AMD 64 bit Sempron 2600+( 1.6 Ghz )
windows XP pro SP2 ( 32 bit OS )
1 GB DDR 400 MHz ram
80 GB hdd :
17 GB hdd FAT32 C:\
57.2 GB NTFS d:\ ( where Vmware files for openSuse live )

( i use fat32 on c:\ due to the fact i can image off
the drive with easy .. i found doing NTFS was too hard
to image off at times .. and it would f**k up badly
.... and i would not know about it to i went to reload
the image ... and it would not work :) )

VMWARE / opensuse 10.2
256 ram
network :
CD : ISO file
KDE desktop
and gnome ( i think its installed )

what can i say

The desktop :
ok its a tab .. odd to look at the desktop and work
out to being with when you come from a FC and gnome
background in Linux

but its nice
slick .. and simple and clean

i found it hard to get my head around it for 20 mins
like i hard due to there is no like start menu
just “ computer “ where its got the start menu

so its was just odd ...
but once i found it and work out to find the appz and
everything in there it was nice and easy

but one of the things that blow me away
that it had my Tv tuner cards i got
like my old analog card :
pinnacle PCTV stereo (saa7134) card : worked

digital / analog card :
compro videomate DVB-t200/300 : analog side only

a cannon Sp200 printer (USB) : hardware found
can't test : printer being a SOB

NetComm NB1200 (USB) : hardware found :
cant test it to download is done in about 9 hrs :

olympus digital cam : hardware found : as data drive : working

i will be happy for once a linux OS out there that can
handle half of my windows hardware
that no other linux i know of that can work with it

like my USB modem / printer

the digital cam / tv tuner cards have always worked in a way

yast : setup run as root user

Yast : control center
i found it was a better layout than the redhat
setup layout
its gave you more control over what
you can do ...
which is good if you doing the pc

setup via remote and you dont want
to do a lot of work by finding the files and
than eiditing them ... or what else there is to do ..



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